Tuberose for has arrived for Winter!

Across the flower language dictionaries, Tuberose is voluptuous. In the studio, it's fragrance is bolder than any other.

The scent of Tuberose is consistently associated with dangerous pleasures, and its aroma is the strongest at night. In Victorian times, young girls were discouraged from getting too close to this exotic scent. In Hawaii, like our Summer Pikake, this flower is a favorite for leis, but we chose Tuberose for the dark season. This musky floral will be with us until the lighter days of Spring.

Be warned; Tuberose is not for the faint of heart, 'Le plus loin, le plus cher' (the farther away, the dearer) for this intoxicating fragrance.


Good, clean, soap. Island-made with heat, muscle, artistry, & beautiful ingredients.

Prepared hot and fresh from scratch in batches small enough to mix and pour by hand. Organic raw soap is our canvas. Natural clays, herbs, and botanicals are our paints.

Every bar carries a subtle suggestion of color, a tropical scent, and a happy memory. They're cut by hand and wrapped with care, like little gifts of aloha.

KopaKauai Soap Co. Hanalei, HI

The Bless Bar

Our beloved Leahlani Skincare collaboration bar - Bless!

The creamy lather in this soap is distinct from a traditional handmade bar, and the smooth, soft finish on your skin after rinsing is instantly noticeable. The Bless Sea Salt Soap is heavy with organic and cold pressed beauty oils and scented with Leahlani's signature Bless Aromatherapy Essence, elevating your bathing experience with a positive and comforting aromatherapy treatment. 

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